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Show at Tokyo July/2006 with Kathaisis.

Kathasis is a instrumental band featuring musicians from 4 diferent coutries. Lenzy Crosbie from Eua ,Gustavo Anacleto from Brazil , Tatsuya Yamada from Japan and Frederic Viennot from France. the last one made this song into the video , the song is called "Lullaby" take a look at:

"Duo Brasil" Gustavo Anacleto and Makiko Yoneda ,do a Tour around Japan , Brazil and anothers countries,playing the best of Brazilian music. This song is called "Currumim" by Cesar Camargo Mariano. takea look at:

Video of Gustavo Anacleto with Spok Frevo orchestre (video was recorded at Recife) .

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BGM:Nocas House(casa de noca)
Artist:Gustavo Anacleto (Saxophone),Anacrusa
    Produced by Werkstatt Halle NIKI

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BGM:a ilha
Artist:Gustavo Anacleto (Saxophone),Macamba
  Produced by Werkstatt Halle NIKI


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